Box Clever - Previously published in Atmosfeer (in Dutch) and in If... (In English). Nominated for the OMNI 1997 'Year's Best Horror' anthology and winner of the Imaginaries Rising Star Award in the same year.

To Feast on the Flesh of Butterflies - Previously published in Albedo One

Strange Love, Doctor - Previously published in NFG

Reviewed in the Tangent Short Fiction Review:
"Strange Love, Doctor" by Mike Coombes takes a dark tour of two disturbed young souls.  Sarah is tormented by her solitary, insignificant existence and so takes to cutting herself.  She slices line after parallel line up her arm until "she is wearing a long red glove."  David surrounds himself with images of pain - from photographs to videos.  He works in an emergency room, reveling in the death and pain around him, stealing photographs of an autopsy from the pathology lab.  David discovers his neighbor, Sarah, in the hallway and their secret passions become intertwined in a tragic and erotic spiral.  Coombes switches point of view back and forth between Sarah and David, providing the reader an intimate view of the depth that a person will fall to relieve the numbness that permeates their psyche.  This story deftly combines desperation, yearning, and loneliness into a chilling tapestry of modern horror.

Time Travel - Previously published in Aesthetica

Hit Parade - Previously published in Bullet (Rock ‘n’ Roll Noir)

Mi Dog goes WOOF - appeared in the inaugural edition of Dale Wisely’s acclaimed Right Hand Pointing.