Mike writes primarily short fiction, but he hasn't ruled out the possibility of one day finishing ‘that damned novel’. Although his work covers a broad range of genres, his subjects are always people and their interactions, rather than places and technologies.

Whether the main character is his perennial anti-hero Dancer (and sidekick Mansen) or the more damaged, fragile people in the margins of society that populate many of his stories, he always writes honestly and with love.

Mike was, until its unfortunate demise, a senior editor with NFG, the critically acclaimed literary magazine. Being a glutton for punishment he again embarked on a mission to discover and promote new talent when he co-founded (with Kaolin Fire, Sue Miller and Sal Coraccio) GUD Magazine. He was also senior course director for Write Across Europe, organising seminars for writers in historic European cities. He is now publisher of The Oddville Press.

He has won the Imaginaries Rising Star Award for Best Fantasy twice, in 1997 and 1999, and his work has appeared in Atmosfeer (in Dutch), The Fractal, If..., Albedo One, NFG, Black October, Aesthetica, JupiterSF, Right Hand Pointing, Bullet and many others. His latest story, Falling for Maggie, has recently appeared in Bewildering Stories. A small selection of his work is available for your enjoyment here.

When not writing, Mike runs a busy design studio and provides a web design service to cater specifically for the needs of other writers.

Although currently living in the UK Mike considers himself to be a global citizen.

Should you wish to comment on this site or his stories, you can contact him via .